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Fort Boyard Rules (EN)

Fort Boyard Rules (EN)

Не в сети - Д/Л
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12 сен 2012 22:08 Сообщение
Here english-speakers can read about our game. (Rules by September 2012)
Every series turns in 7 stages (2 are small):
1. Intro-Aventure (small)
2. Lottery
3. Epreuves (en. is Games)
4. Getting the Magic Candle
5. Hall of Council (fr. is Salle du Conseil)
6. Aventures (fr. is Adventures)
7. Hall of Treasures (fr. is Salle du Tresor)
Now about every stage - separately (but they're connected with each other, you'll see).

1. Intro-Aventure
If you know or not, I will tell that some stages, as Hall of Treasures, Epreuves and Aventures, totally limited by time.
Epreuves ~ a hour or less, Aventures ~30-40 minutes, and the time in the Hall of Treasures depends on all game process.
So, in this stage, team can win extra time for total Epreuves stage. Their objective is to complete an aventure the presenter has given. Aventure is simple aventure from Aventures stage, but only home-placed. If the team manage to complete it, they're get extra 5 minutes to their time on all Epreuves.
It is the smallest stage, and the less important. But it should wake the team. :)
2. Lottery
It is also a little stage, but takes much time and more important than the previous one.
Candidats has 3 epreuves where they can get 3 keys in every one. They're practically the same as normal Epreuves. But they are easier.
So, they complete 3 epreuves, have 0 to 9 keys, and now they should go to Lottery Boxes.
They can open as many Boxes as keys they won.
There are totally 15 Lottery Boxes. 8 of them contains some bonuses and anti-bonuses, as:
(4x) +1 Epreuve
(1x) -1 Aventure
(1x) +00:20 on the first mystery
(1x) -00:20 on the first mystery
So, the main objective is to get 4 extra epreuves, which will be neccesarily in the stage, ever Epreuve total time is up.
First time appeared in one game in 5th season, but with more bonuses and more empty Lottery Boxes.
3. Epreuves
Now the team, with extra 5 minutes or not, have to complete 10 to 14 epreuves< depends on results in the Lottery.
1 or 2 of them is traditionally mysteries (fr. is enigmes). There plyaer has 1 minute (or +-20 secs., again depends on opened Lottery Boxes) to answer right. If he does, he gets a key.
Also there is a very hard epreuve, it appears in every game. It is very specific and has its rules. Those are they:
1.Team decides who will be the "victim" or "prisoner", as naturally I say. But they don't know, what happens to prisoner.
2. Then we go to to the place. Prisoner strengs to a tree by chain. In 1 meter from the tree there is a high stone border.
There I do put the sheet field with some little fields in. In every field there is a code. Player has to solve the puzzle and put it on the field. But I threw one of the puzzles out before the game. So one of the fields will leave empty. Code what is wrotten on this empty field is the code to open the chains and get the prisoner out of tree. If the team fails and time ends, so:
a) they lose 10 secs. in the Hall of Treasures
b) victim gets a part of prisoner
c) team doesn't get a key.
If they win:
a) they get a key
b) they win extra 10 seconds in the Hall of Treasures
c) victim frees and doesn't become a prisoner.
Ok, I mentioned word "part of prisoner".
Here in our game team is small (1-3 players). So, if I will get prisoners out of epreuves stage, there could leave no more players! I decided not to stop the game from those who become a prisoner. I put only a part of prisoner on the player. He can have ever 5 part of prisoner, but the team must free all 5 parts on Hall of Council, so team can feel free with this rule. :) Parts doesn't mean not a full prisoner, they mean that there may be many of them.
Now about number of keys.
Team has to get 5 keys to open Hall of Treasures in te end of the game. But in our game team collects gold not with hands, but by wooden bricks (7.5 x 2.5 x 1.5 cm), they originally used in game "Jenga", if who knows.
So they also have to get Jengas bricks - maximally 4.
6 keys gives 1 Jenga.
7 keys - 2.
8 keys - 3.
9 keys - max. 4.
10th and other keys gives 5 more secs in Hall of Treasures, and if team has less than 4 keys, so she has to pay by the prisoner of by -15 secs. in Hall of Treasures for every key they didn't collect to 5.
4. Magic Candle
After Epreuves stage, I leave the team for a minute head to head with the food and relaxing emotions :) and go to hide something.
Then I call the captain of the team and tell that the team has to go to get the Magic Candle in the yard, out of building.
Magic Candle is hidden in the safe by 5-number code. When they come, I tell them the rules.
When they start, I start the clepsydra time, ~5 min.
So, 1 number of code is with me, I give it when they solve the mystery (not word mystery, but logic). It is very hard to describe it, I'll only say that it is like French 2009 Salle de Coffres mystery with triangles with holes in them.
Then on of them run to the house to find other 4 sheets with code. When he got them, he runs back to the team and they open the safe.
Warning: After ending of ~5 mins., team loses 1 duel automatically. Maximally they have 6 duels on Hall of Council.
Then we all go to the Hall of Council.
5. Hall of Council

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Re: Fort Boyard Rules (EN)

Не в сети - 3/8
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13 сен 2012 02:36 Сообщение
Looks interesting ;) Waiting for the next part !
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Re: Fort Boyard Rules (EN)

Не в сети - Д/Л
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13 сен 2012 09:00 Сообщение
4 stages are ready to read about!
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